91bnb Travel Inc

Responsible to assist on developing new suppliers and partnership with various vendors.
Communicate and work with Marketing and BD department personnel to package all services and products in order to create the best marketing campaign to promote on various channels.
Act as user/customer and resolve all users’ and customers’ difficulties, inquiries, requirements, and requests, etc, before each product is launched to the market.
Assist on the design of our operational system and flow, and be able to conduct quantitative analysis. Make sure satisfaction can be reached for all users’/customers’ experiences on our products, services, and packages.
Conduct quantitative analysis for all of our products and provide proposal on improvements. Contribute ideas to achieve synergy and win-win relationship with all product suppliers.


More than 2 years of PM or travel management related job experiences.
Creative, passionate on traveling, work hard, and love to assist and help others.
Great team player with ability and passion to develop relationships with others.
Great planner and highly goal oriented.
Proficient in speaking, reading, and writing in English. Able to communicate and read in Chinese.

Please send your resume and all inquiries to [email protected] with a subject HR and the position you are applying. We look forward seeing you and for you to join our big family of 91bnb.

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