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SUMMARY: Conduct community education regarding opportunities to obtain health care services through affordable public programs and community health center services. Conduct public program enrollment and application assistance. Conducts timely and thorough follow-up and assists the applicant to overcome barriers within the defined guidelines. As directed, participates in events, gives presentations and conducts one-on-one orientation. The CCS may assist with the new patient registration as part of the application process. Educates families and individuals as to the retention and utilization of benefits and educate families on the importance of preventive health. Participates in fairs and other community events. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Demonstrates thorough knowledge of available public funded programs including but not limited to Covered California, Medi-Cal, AIM, FamilyPACT, CPD, BCCTP, Sliding Fee, CHDP, Presumptive Eligibility and others as determined appropriate. 2. Conducts presentations at various community sites including at schools, churches, food banks, work sites, WIC offices and other community based organizations. CCS will represent Borrego Health at health fairs and community events as assigned. 3. Conducts enrollment and application assistance for public programs. Must thoroughly assess low to moderate income families for qualifications. Promotes program application as an opportunity for healthcare coverage. Also assists with applications for the sliding fee scale. Demonstrates thorough knowledge of all software programs and practice management system used to perform these responsibilities. 4. Accurately completes patient registration when indicated for new patients including demographic information and household assessment according to policies and procedures. Maintains accurate and current information in the practice management system when there are changes in eligibility. 5. Provides assistance and helps families or individuals who face access, utilization/service or retention (staying in the program) problems. Communicates effectively with program representatives and eligibility workers to identify an intervention that assists the applicant in the resolution of limiting barriers to eligibility. Assists applicants to resolve communication barriers regarding eligibility by conducting three-way phone calls, contacting the appropriate agency and educating the applicant as to the required documentation. 6. Provides extensive follow-up/case management to confirm enrollments to programs, ensure utilization of services and retention of benefits/coverage. 7. Facilitate access to healthcare services by informing the applicants of their benefits and services available to them. Assist patients in understanding preventive health and facilitate coordination of appointments within the organization. 8. Assist families with health plan enrollment or transfer of primary physician. 9. Identifies newborn infants that may be eligible for Medi-Cal and assist with expedited enrollment. 10. Submits reports of work completed, on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis as requested by management. 11. Other duties as assigned

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