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For over two decades, Ghost VFX has collaborated with the very best to create award-winning, innovative visual effects. With contributions to over 100 feature films, episodic and interactive, we are a full-service, global visual effects house. Our talented and dedicated teams around the world make the impossible, possible, fulfilling the dreams of clients and artists alike. With roughly 150 artists and production professionals, we try every day to produce imagery that quietly speaks for itself.

We are looking for a talented Crowd TD to join our dynamic team! Apply now to join us.

Position Summary

The main focus of the position will be to create crowd simulations for CG scenes to populate cities, large-scale environments, and choreograph large crowd movements.


Use Maya/Golaem crowd system to design, create, and implement show specific crowd layouts, QC, and supply to lighting

Manage and organize motion for crowds

Animation and simulations on shots or sequences

Creating show-specific tools and setups to complement the crowd pipeline.

Setting-up / troubleshooting crowd simulations

Setup and run cloth simulations on Crowd

Work with Character Modeling and Rigging to ensure quality and efficiency of crowd assets

Incorporate provided motions into a locomotion set

Work with Animation Supervisor and Director to place crowds in shots ranging from simple vignette scattering to complex behavior and simulation using locomotion networks.

Create a list of needed motions and develop a schedule with the Animation Supervisor

Required Skills:

Advanced knowledge of Houdini Software

Proven experience working on high-end VFX feature-film productions.

Strong crowd and layout skills including asset integration, scene setup, and running simulations

Experience working with motion capture and/or clip-based animation

Strong communication skills

Ability to work under pressure and to strict deadlines whilst maintaining a high-quality output.

Proficiency in crowd production

Strong team player

Comfort with non-linear thinking

Excellent communication

Proactive, collaborative, and assertive work style

Strong experience shot building in Maya

Knowledge of Golaem, or another crowd software (Massive, Houdini, etc);

Experience using Golaem in production

Animation experience and the ability to create or update motions

Experience retargeting new motions in Motionbuilder for crowd prep or re-use

Preferred Skills:

Passion for creative problem solving

Additional experience in other 3D packages is a plus

Varied skill set including animation, rigging, and character work is a plus

Prior company experience.

Experience working with cloth simulations and Vellum

Working knowledge of VEX and/or Python

Understanding of ‘Maya-to-Houdini’ workflow

A keen eye for how crowds flock and move / behavioral observations


Minimum 2 years experience in a similar role

Previous experience with the Golaem crowd system is required

Good understanding of physical motion, weight, balance, texture, and form

Demonstrated ability to work with strict deadlines and under pressure

Ability to take direction and find creative solutions during the iterative process

Strong attention to detail

Ability to troubleshoot in 3dsMax


High School education or equivalent required

BA/BS in applicable field preferred

Ghost VFX is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer, consistent with applicable federal, state, and local law.

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