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Psychological Operations Specialists are influence experts, who assesses the information needs of a target population and craft messaging to influence and engage target audiences.

Job Duties

Researching and analyzing methods of influencing foreign populations.
Developing a variety of marketing and media products.
Operating and maintaining PSYOP equipment, such as ground tactical vehicles and shelter systems, loudspeaker systems, state of the art computers, analog and digital recording and playback devices and communication systems.
Disseminating and broadcasting important information via television, radio, Internet and newspaper media.
Traveling to overseas locations in peace, crisis and conflict to assist U.S. and foreign governments, militaries and civilian populations.

Future Civilian Careers

The skills you learn will help prepare you for a career with the Department of Defense, State, other federal government agencies or related fields in the commercial industry.

The training you receive may prepare you for other fields, such as public relations, sales, marketing and advertising. Because of the time you’ll spend studying foreign cultures and social systems, you can explore a future career in the diplomatic service or as an anthropologist, journalist, social scientist, statistician, market analyst, advertising consultant or sales manager.


This job REQUIRES enlistment or commission in the US Army or Army Reserves

About goarmy.com of Southern California :

This is the Southern California Army Recruiting Battalion. Covering all of Southern California in recruiting efforts. To name a few locations, we cover Riverside County, Orange County and San Diego county. For More information about our opportunities copy and paste one of the link(s) below and fill in the information.https://www.goarmy.com/info.html?iom=BBM7Instagram: @goarmysocalFB: @goarmysocal

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