The iPad staging technician will be preparing iPads to be used in the 2022 general election in Los Angeles County.
The job duties include connecting iPads to the wifi network, updating iPads and loading/testing election software and voter registration files. The technicians will follow a checklist and then assign completed equipment to voting centers for shipment.
requirements: experience using iPads, connecting to wifi, ability to load and test software following a checklist.
The job is located in a large warehouse facility in Whittier.
The position starts on September 19 and will last through November 8th (election day). minimum shift is 8 hours/day and there may be plentiful overtime past 8 hours/day if people are looking for more hours. OT is paid at 1.5x ($45/hr).
Shift times can be flexible as long as the minimum 8 hour/day is hit.
This position requires a background check and a drug test to be done ASAP.
Snacks and water are provided.
Work can be done either seated or standingFree parking
casual work attire, must wear closed toe shoes (do not dress up)
Job Types: Temporary, Contract
Pay: $30.00 per hour

Flexible schedule


8 hour shift
Monday to Friday
Weekend availability

Application Question(s):

Would you like to work OT @ $45/hr? if so, how much?
Have you connected and loaded software onto an iPad?
are you a US Citizen or Green Card holder?
Can you pass a clean background check?
Can you work at least 40/hrs/week, min 8 hour shifts between Sept 19th and November 8th in Whittier?

Work Location: One location

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