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We are LAUSD. We are at the forefront of innovation in public schools,
with the serious work of tailoring the learning environment to better serve
our community. Here, you will have the opportunity to exercise your
potential in the business of education.
We are technical professionals, skilled workers, support staff, executives,
and community champions. We do our jobs with a sense of integrity,
accountability, and pride in shaping the future.
Our contributions here impact our number one customers – the 600,000
plus K-12 students of LAUSD. With over 1,000 job titles to choose from,
build your rewarding career here by joining nearly 30,000 employees,
and achieve new levels of success in your career!
All employees must be fully COVID-19 vaccinated and must be able to
provide verification of their vaccination status as part of the hiring and
onboarding process prior to an official offer of employment to any District
site; this includes current employees who are being promoted to a new
job class.
Department or School Site The LAUSD is currently recruiting qualified individuals for Instructional
Aide (Math) positions to fill various vacancies throughout the District.
Individuals selected for this position will perform variety of tasks to
support the math program in primary grades at elementary schools.

These positions may range from part-time to full-time budgeted up to 6
Job Duties/Responsibilities Please note that the duties for this position will be performed on-site and
A Primary Math Program Assistant assists a certificated employee in
preparing, maintaining, and presenting specialized educational materials
and in conducting instructional activities in the field of early numeracy
and mathematics.
Key duties include:

Presenting educational information to students in the area of early

numeracy and problem solving.

Facilitating student-centered math instructional activities to support the

acquisition of foundational skills in mathematics.

Providing support and feedback to students regarding assigned

learning tools that address.

California Common Core Standards for Mathematics.

– Providing student- centered, differentiated tutoring under the
supervision of the teacher for individual students and/or small groups in

Conferring with students to elicit and respond to their mathematical

thinking during individual or small group instruction.

Supporting the teacher in administering early numeracy and other

mathematics skill assessments.

In consultation with the teacher, analyzing assessment , students work,

and portfolio data to inform future practice.

Perform related duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements EDUCATION:
In compliance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 and
other related legislation, candidates for this
classification must meet the following standards:

Paraprofessionals who provide instructional assistance are required to

pass the District Proficiency Test and possess a high school diploma or
equivalent and one of the following:

Completion of 48 semester units or 72 quarter units from a recognized

college or university;

Possession of an associate or higher degree, from a recognized college

or university;


Receipt of a passing score on the Instructional Assistance Test.

Graduation from a recognized college or university with a bachelor’s
degree is preferred.
One year of experience facilitating learning for students in a small math
group, or any combination of equivalent study and work equal to one
year is preferable.
Ability to communicate in a language other than English may be required
for some positions.
Desirable Qualifications The ideal candidate would possess an extensive understanding of
instructional practices in teaching early math and problem solving. The
ideal candidate would also posses strong customer service skills, the
ability to work effectively with students from various age groups,
backgrounds, and personalities; as wells as within a team of colleagues.
Employment Selection Process The selection process will likely consist of a a review of each candidate’s
application and background experience. It is recommended that your
application materials clearly show all of your relevant background and
specialized skills, knowledge, and abilities.
Candidates who do not meet all the entrance requirements may be
invited to participate in various tests in order to fulfill those requirements.
We anticipate receiving a number of well qualified applicants for this
position; therefore, there will be a competitive process.
The hiring departments have requested that we proceed with the
selection process in an expeditious and timely manner.
If you are unable to attend test dates related to this position, we
encourage you to visit our website, http://www.lausdjobs.org periodically
to check for the next recruitment and we encourage you to apply again.
Please email us at [email protected] to get assistance with the

application process.
To find out whether the application deadline has been extended, visit the
website at: http://www.lausdjobs.org .
The Los Angeles Unified School District intends that all qualified persons
shall have equal opportunities for employment and promotion.
Reasonable accommodations in completing an application and testing
are available to individuals with disabilities. Please call (213) 241-3455
for more information.
Additional Posting Information Selection and promotion are based on a competitive employment
assessment process. Candidates who meet all requirements are placed
on a hiring un-ranked interest list. Hiring departments may make job
offers to candidates on the list.
Eligibility typically lasts for 12 months. The hiring list resulting from this
assessment process may be used to fill open positions in related job

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