Meter provides internet infrastructure for businesses. We build enterprise-grade networks that are faster, more accessible, and more secure. Our full-stack approach combines hardware, software, and operations so that any company can easily set up and run a modern network. Our long-term ambition is to evolve internet infrastructure into a turnkey utility.

About the role
Meter’s mission is to make businesses more productive and secure through providing best-in-class internet infrastructure. Our customers expect their network to simply and seamlessly work; that is why they choose Meter. Our customer experience organization includes technical support engineers and customer success managers who are critical to delivering seamless support while helping customers get the most value from Meter’s products and services.

We are looking for someone to build out and lead Meter’s customer experience organization across multiple geographies. You’ll set the foundation and standard for delivering excellent customer support and service at scale.

We want people who are excited to work on complex problems, enjoy learning and working with others, and above all, are kind and ambitious. We are building for the long term and just getting started. We’d love your help.

You will have an impact by

Hiring, managing and mentoring teams: You’ll have the opportunity to hire Meter’s foundational technical support engineering and customer success management teams, with an initial focus on building out those teams in the Bay Area and New York City.
Strengthening how we operate: You’ll help us build and scale our internal support infrastructure by streamlining internal processes, implementing new systems at scale, and creating robust documentation for internal teams and customers.
Using data to drive organizational improvements: You’ll identify key metrics to measure, manage and continuously improve efforts across the Customer Experience organization.
Representing the voice of our customers while optimizing the partnership with sales, engineering, and product operations: You’ll leverage customer interactions to continuously enhance Meter’s services, partnering with engineering, product operations and sales to resolve issues and optimize product features.

You might be a good fit if

You take pride and joy in helping customers and resolving their issues
You have experience hiring, onboarding, managing and mentoring distributed teams of customer success and technical support engineering team members
You have success developing and scaling processes, as well as implementing systems, to streamline support for customers
You have experience supporting technical teams (developers and/or IT teams) and a highly technical product
You have excellent problem solving skills and relish solving thorny problems
You can effectively communicate across diverse sets of audiences including technical teams (e.g., engineering) and personas (e.g., IT managers)
You’ve been on a fast-growing support team and understand the trade-offs between building for scale vs. solving for the short-term
You have strong writing skills: the ability to document one’s work is central to how we operate at Meter. It accelerates organizational learning and enables alignment across teams.
You have empathy for both customers and partners and can translate that understanding into meaningful improvements of products and services

If you are interested in joining us, please
We encourage you to reach out even if your experience doesn’t precisely match this job description. We operate with a growth mindset and expect ourselves and our colleagues to have the capacity and desire for ongoing growth.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in what we are doing
Attach your resume
Include the URL(s) to your LinkedIn, Github, any code samples, and/or blog posts — whatever you think will give us the best view into your work experience

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