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Ongoing opportunities. We look for contractors that can round out project needs as they arise on short-term basis.
We are looking for experienced process consultantrs with a proven background working across organizational, process or technology projects for Fortune 500 clients. The focus of this position is to work with the business side of the client organization, whether it is an IT, process or reorganization project.
Project Locations: West Coast (bay area, LA) but future opportunities may include other geographies.
To be considered for opportunities you must:

Be able to be on site 4-5 days a week with the client (40-hour week on site and additional hours as needed); unless remote role or COVID19 type circumstance.
Be an independent consultant (Corp to Corp, 1099 or Temporary W2 as necessary).
Have strong client references.
Note: The client site location is considered the ‘office location’, therefore the daily commute to client site location from your home will not be reimbursable from a mileage perspective.

Requirements for the Position

You are an independent consultant with a minimum of 10 years of consulting as a process consultant, preferably across a wide range of commercial clients (on the business end user side and IT side).
(Examples of deliverables will be required as part of the interview process)
You are an expert user of Visio, PPT or other applications (iGrafx) to document processes as well as system touchpoints, and various employee roles with many hand-offs between groups
You are able to speak to many audiences that use different nomenclature around the same topics or work flows (union, non-union, management, office and field employees) and able to synthesize into a standard, easy-to-understand work flow
You understand the importance of identifying success metrics, issues, risks, constraints while documenting workflow, standards, and processes for the client
Desire and ability to roll up your sleeves and work in a team-based environment
You are experienced in documenting and rolling out new processes for employees in client organizations where their day-to-day work or roles will change. This includes changes to standards that employees are used to following or the hand-offs between their group and another’s to support a larger change in the overall workflow within the company.
You are comfortable with leading projects on your own with minimal guidance; Able to work independently to scope, plan and drive client projects and deadlines
You can analyze business impact and employee impact as a result of process changes in the form of deliverables:

Interview guide for process understanding and process improvement
As-is process map (current state)
To-Be (future state) of business objectives
Gap-analysis between current and future state
Options with Pro/Con and next steps
Roadmap of how to get to the future state or to reconcile gaps in process

Experience in working collaboratively with diverse project teams (multiple vendors and client stakeholders)
Strong references required for consideration from clients and direct supervisors
Experienced user of Microsoft Project, Microsoft Outlook, xls, SharePoint, PowerPoint,
Note: Local travel as required by the clien

Note: Currently work is West Coast (LA, Bay Area) but there could be client work requiring further travel.
Please indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line and send your resume and cover letter to: [email protected]

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