My name is Jonathan, I’m the President of War, Inc and I’m looking for someone with great social skills, enthusiasm, confidence, who is structured, and gets things done. We need someone who pays attention to the smallest of details, protecting me, the company, and our image.
Our CompanyWar Inc. is a real estate investment company purchasing different asset classes nationwide since 2019. We find property to flip or keep as rentals. We are growing rapidly and we are looking for rockstars to grow with us on our team.
The first thing you should know is that we have a “rockstar-only” policy. Meaning we only want to work with exceptional people who share the same core values, ambition to win, and high standards. As executive assistant you are going to be the first voice and name that people will hear. So you must hold that with the highest sense of responsibility, and you must have thick skin to last in this business as stakes are always high.
Our core values


Personal Assistant / Executive Assistant
For this specific position we need someone with great social skills, enthusiasm, confidence, who is structured, gets things done, recognizes the attention to the smallest of details, protecting me, the company, and our image. You must be willing to take the occasional email or call outside of normal business hours, although this is not a goal, I need someone who is reliable and relentless, and does not make excuses.

Trust & loyalty is an absolute must for this position, the first clue that you are untrustworthy and you will be terminated from your position. You should be someone who wants to have a long term fulfilling career.
If you’re someone who’s very social, with great listening skills and the ability to communicate well, and also follow through on certain basic administrative tasks such as taking good notes, and keeping files updated, this job might be for you.
We need someone who’s a smart, savvy, people person who can prioritize tasks based on their importance, able to meet deadlines, able to effectively communicate, and get things done. You must be a professional presence who is able to work diligently with or without supervision. You must have thick skin to last in this business as stakes are always high.

Your character traits must be:

Amazing communicator

Great and comfortable on the phone

Must have thick skin.




Detail oriented


Fast learner



Able to adapt, be resourceful; work independently

Tech savvy

Uploading, editing docs, using slack

Slack messages

Zoom meetings


3-5 years experience working with an executive
2 or more years working with a property management company


4 year college/university graduate

Company attire:

In office: business casual or workout clothes. All clothing must be conservative, i.e. not be revealing. Executive was a personal trainer, and believes in living a balanced healthy lifestyle.
Events: company attire preferred, or business casual.

Roles & responsibilities

Anticipate needs of CEO and transactions

Accurately create documents & update them as needed

Preparing weekly reports on daily # of calls, offers, deals made per agent

Proofread document details, especially purchase agreements.

Transaction coordination

Communicating with title company, sellers, and buyers as needed

Coordination of projects (contractors, notaries, title officers, attorneys, etc).

Follow up with incoming emails on ceo’s behalf

Follow through on tasks needed to close escrow

Scheduling appointments as needed

Submitting documents as needed for closing


Managing calendar and appointments

Monthly maintenance on rental properties (if asked)



Find local real estate events

Project Coordination

Holiday cards to VIP & e-cards to network

Coordinate any projects to fiverr professionals.

Posting jobs for team openings (especially cold callers, lead managers, etc).

At War Inc You will be

The face & voice of the company

Support a growing real estate investment firm

Have the ability and opportunity to grow with the company

Growth opportunities / Career Path / Upcoming Opportunities


Acquisitions manager

Promotion to Acquisitions Director managing ACQMs


Dispositions manager

Agent (be able to take our retail leads as listings)

Staff Director

Operations Director

COO – sometimes known as the vice president of operations – is typically the second in command in a company and reports to the CEO.

Would have your own assistant aside from direct reports

Steps to be hired
1. Submit application with resume and cover letter
2. 1 minute voice sample introducing yourself, tell us about yourself. Sent to warcareers @ or to indeed inbox after application submission.
3. Interview I: Zoom interview
4. Interview II: In Person
Note: We will make this selection process easy by throwing out anyone’s application who cannot follow directions. Please submit 1 & 2 to be considered.
Thank you. Looking forward to meeting you,
Jonathan, Hiring Manager.
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $20.00 – $25.00 per hour

Paid time off


8 hour shift
Monday to Friday

COVID-19 considerations:All team members accept their own responsibility must take their own precautions to protect their health & safety, may wear a mask. By applying to this position you acknowledge and release all liability with the company in relation to Covid19.
Work Location: One location

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