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We are franchisee of Outback Steakhouse. Outback Steakhouse is an Australian theme restaurant that opened in March of 1988. At Outback Steakhouse, we take food seriously, without forgetting the fun and we are proud to do things uniquely and strive to positively impact the lives of our people we call “Outbackers”. We believe if you treat people “Just Right” then success is sure to follow. It’s a culture of respect and camaraderie that breeds enthusiasm. We start with indulging each customer like a guest in our own home. We continue by committing to the success of each and every Outbacker to be trained to the best of their ability. We expect you to be dedicated, fun-loving and to help make our restaurant a success.

Our Kitchen is well designed with large working areas. As a Dish Machine Operators/Utility you may be responsible for:

Maintaining organization and flow while washing dishes and utensils
Practicing food safety and sanitation
Restocking kitchen and cook line as needed throughout the shift
General cleaning of the restaurant
Pace and organization of Dish execution
Clear understanding and full knowledge of how the dish machine runs and all of its chemical components
Understanding procedures for changing out water and chemicals as needed
Understanding procedure for cleaning floors in HOH and FOH
Keeping the floors clean and dry
Keeping the plates and smallwares clean

Primary Duties and Responsibilities – Essential Job Functions

Adheres to all HOH systems and procedures as well as to all Company policies and standards

Maintains and inspects food receiving, preparation, production, and storage areas to ensure that health and safety regulations are adhered to at all times. Corrects unsafe practices or conditions, notifies management

Maintains all HOH cleanliness and safety standards

Complies with all HOH systems

Fully supports all Company and concept decisions and directives

Displays teamwork throughout the shift

Ensures positive customer experience by monitoring and ensuring timely delivery of food product

Follows standardized recipes, preparation, and portioning and presentation procedures

Maintains organized kitchen, dish, and storage areas

Adheres to proper cleaning and maintenance of equipment and notifies management of items needing repair. Maintain kitchen cleanliness and organization for both the interior and exterior of the restaurant

Minimizes waste and theft by ensuring proper accounting for all product and strict recipe adherence

Cross trains to other positions when opportunities are available

Strict adherence to meal and rest break rules

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