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Eravant is looking for an
entry level
Quality Assistant to inspect products for cosmetic, mechanical, and electrical nonconformance, scan and save additional documentation, audit folders, and ensure that the customer receives a product that meets standard. General daily tasks are listed below:

Open Gmail and Google Chats for manager communication regarding any urgent tasks. This may include prioritizing certain work orders above others and completing inspection immediately.
Check your NetSuite dashboard for daily completed work orders ready for QA Inspection.
Pull completed work orders from the QA cart stations from other operators.
Check the “Daily Pick” list in order to prioritize orders for QA inspection based on whether or not a sales order is waiting for QA in order to be fulfilled.
QA inspection for cosmetic standards – this includes accurate labels, no blemishes, and no damage on products.
QA inspection for mechanical standards – this includes checking if the waveguide is correct using provided tools or making sure it is circular, square, or rectangular. Checking if the part has the correct coaxial connector, checking the length, checking the part against the outline drawing, and checking the material and plating of the unit.
QC inspection for electrical standards – This includes checking the electrical data to make sure it is meeting the specifications outlined on the datasheet.
A part that passes inspection may be marked as “QA Passed” in NetSuite, built digitally in NetSuite, making sure to select the correct serial numbers, and handed off to the Shipping Department.
A part that fails QA inspection will be escalated to the Quality Assistant Manager.

The first week will be training on materials handling of our products, learning how to check for cosmetic and simple mechanical conformance. There will be a strong emphasis on correct parts handling and inspection jobs will be immediately scheduled for that day.

The following weeks will be increasing your knowledge in cosmetic and mechanical inspection while developing an understanding of Eravant parts.

A month in you will be able to clearly flag most nonconformances for standard products. QA should be simple, quick, and detailed – you will double check to not miss a standard and you will make sure your documentation is always saved.

If you master your role, you will be able to improve your skills enough to begin to learn basic QC. This includes reading test data for simple parts and checking if items pass for specifications such as Return Loss and Insertion Loss for simple products.


You are able to spot defects in basic metal products including major discoloration, scratches, dents, and peeling.
You are able to notice if the serial numbers posted in NetSuite do not match your physical serial numbers.
You have an interest in learning about technologies you have most likely never seen before hands on.
You will be able to learn the basics of our products including waveguides and coaxial connectors and develop a general understanding of the features of different series of products.
You are able to inspect products all day with your keen eye for detail and consistency.
You are able to coordinate with the entirety of operations and work in a way where you can call priorities based on shipping schedules for that day.
You are able to keep strict documentation and make sure your folders contain all details required for each work order.
You are able to document and report nonconformances to your manager.

Preferred Qualifications:

Previous experience working in a Quality role.
Previous experience working with Millimeter wave products.
Previous experience in calibration.
Previous experience using inspection tools such as calipers, micrometers, and gauge pins.


Aside from your base salary, Eravant offers a rich benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) match, paid time off, life and disability insurance. There is also a potential bonus at the end of the year.

QA Assistant reports to the Quality Assistant Manager
Expected start date is immediately, but we are happy to work with you on a different start date.
Full-Time, Mon-Fri, 9AM to 6PM. Half hour lunches are approved for a 9AM to 5:30 PM schedule.
On location at our 60,000 sq, foot facility at 501 Amapola Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501.
The role is non-exempt.

About Eravant
We believe in enabling RF engineers in their journeys to create the technology of the future. Eravant manufactures components that are used in current industries such as 5G, IoT, Space, Test Instrumentation, Science & Academia, and Communications. We’re excited to partner with so many amazing technology driven companies and support their RF needs.
We believe strongly in our values: Alignment, Accuracy, Resourcefulness, Responsiveness, Compassion, and Comprehensiveness. If you are someone who can practice these values, then you will thrive at Eravant. You can start off with no background in Engineering, but you can become a subject matter expert on millimeter wave. Today, Eravant launches more than engineering careers. It brings outsiders into the world of RF.

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