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Position Overview
Balancer will take groups out of the Tiesel machine and Independently balance each group by hand, hand tools may be used. Additionally, Balancer is responsible for placing small parts in Tiegel tooling.

Areas of Focus
Assist Tiegel Burner with set-ups and change overs and Balance group with separators evenly spaced to cover all plates.



Comply with all safety requirements & proper use of PPE
Understands & practice the Quality policy
Stamp ID code on group lead strap
Able to distinguish between battery types
Performs visual inspections for quality and quantity of all battery types (i.e., broken plates, grid cracks, missing separators, missing pallets, paste lumps)
Inspect and remove defects. Drop groups into case in proper configuration
Identifies problems and performs minor adjustments to workstations, equipment & tools
Notify Team lead/Maintenance/Supervisor of more complex problems
Learn Production goals for required output and performance standards
Be familiar with all tooling & maintain them properly & in proper location
Follow and maintain Lean activities (5S, Housekeeping, hygiene, etc.)
Become familiar with process of Tiegel burning
Other duties as assigned


Can perform all assigned duties of Level II worker
Trains operators in procedures, pacing and speed
Takes a highly active role in maintaining product quality. Identifies problems, seeks causes and effects and performs minor adjustments to correct. Notifies Maintenance of machine problems, makes suggestions for repair or adjustments
Know Production Goals for required output and maintain performance levels
Inspect and maintain all tooling in good operating condition
Always maintain Housekeeping
Complete CPI Training (methodology); assist with training as needed
Know the work instructions, where they are posted as well as the quality policy
Other duties as assigned

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